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Dear Children

Many years before someone could have even dreamt of  the internet or when a computer was completely imaginary, my friend and I, both children of Holon, were playing and spending long hours outside. We would run barefoot on the sandy, golden hills that covered most of the city, playing games without a moment of rest: ‘hide and seek,’ ‘leap - frog,’ ‘chase’ and of course not to forget the neighborhood football game that was the main activity for children.

Years passed and I was waiting my turn to become the mayor the city of Holon, a city on its way to become the leading children’s city of Israel. The Holon of today is very different from Holon of my childhood. You kids that are growing up here are living in a different world. You live in a big, vibrant city that has many activities and many buildings, roads, shops, and entertainment centers. Inside your own home, at a very young age you are exposed to a bigger and larger world, to an endless virtual world.


With the help of advanced technology, you can visit almost every corner of the world, chat with kids who live thousands of miles away, and learn many new things.
But you can also learn about your very own neighborhood, the place where you live, to understand how it is managed and what are its responsibilities.
With the help of the new web site we designed, you can learn more about Holon - ‘the children’s city,’ the unique activities that it offers, the festive events and routine life, which is no less interesting or fascinating. Someone has to make sure that the streets remain clean, that the gardens stay nice and green, that the schools have the proper equipment,that the homes are built according to well thought out plans and that the stores sell fresh and quality food.
These issues and many more are managed and supervised by the city’s employees so that you, the children of the city, and all the residents can enjoy living in the city.
In addition to the web surfing - I recommend that you do not give up walking in the park on a Saturday morning, visiting our special children’s museum, reading a good book, or enjoying a children’s play at the Mediatheque. And of course do not forget meeting your good friends in the garden next to your house.
Motti Sasson,
Mayor of the city of Holon