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Municipal Priorities and Areas of Emphasis

Every year, Holon’s general manager and the city executives designate specific areas in which special efforts will be made that year, over and above the city’s regular work.

The areas of emphasis derive from the Municipal Vision Statement, but the specific areas chosen are the result of prior strategic thinking, based on the knowledge, information and data regularly gathered by the municipality's Strategic Planning Division.

Creating areas of emphasis allows the city to turn the vision into a viable work plan, providing timely responses to the ever-changing needs and conditions.

Each municipal division translates these focal points into goals that are to be realized during the year as part of its work plan. Adherence to these work plans is monitored throughout the year.

The Holon Municipality’s Priorities and Areas of Emphasis for 2015

1. Holon focuses on its young residents and their children, making sure that their environment fulfills their diverse needs in the personal, social, economic, educational and cultural aspects.

2. Holon promotes small businesses and local entrepreneurs.

3. Holon places the physical and mental welfare of its senior residents at a high priority, taking special care to create a safe, aesthetic and culturally rich living environment.

4. Holon promotes the Smart City vision through technological means, in order to create vibrant, communal and sustainable urban surroundings.

5. Holon promotes a technological, interactive and innovative educational system.

6. The Holon educational system is governed by the principle of design as a way of life, while an aesthetic learning environment and a durable value system contribute to learning.

7. The Holon Municipality promotes a high standard of service and intra-organizational cooperative ventures (municipal units and subsidiaries), as well as knowledge-based decision making through technological means.

8. Holon's residents and customers are its top priority, and they can enjoy a professional, efficient, transparent, accessible and courteous service – all through technological means.