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  The Childhood Sounds Festival offers a variety of musical, dance and theater events designed especially for families and children. The Festival takes place every year during Sukkot (Fall) at the Holon Theater.

Every year, about 200,000 people from all over the country gather in Holon to watch the colorful parade that became a renowned event.
The parade operates according to the Jewish tradition of Purim, which takes place around March

The Women’s Festival displays a wide range of female endeavors and gives expression to women’s creativity in every facet of life, from art through economics and social issues to politics. The Festival takes place every year in March at the Holon Theater.

  Since its inception in 1995, the Days of Song Festival at the Holon Theater has been the premier Israeli music festival, taking place every year during the intermediate days of Passover (Spring).

Every year, at the end of May and beginning of June, in conjunction with and parallel to the prestigious Israel Festival, the Holon Mediatheque holds its Israel Children’s Festival.


This festival, which draws Beatles fans, young and old, has been held annually in May since 2008 at the Steinberg Center. The festival is a concentrated celebration of music, entertainment and fun inspired by the rock band that remains popular with all ages

The International Festival of Puppet Theater and Film, presents puppet makers and artists from Israel and around the world. The festival is held annually in July at the Puppet Theater Center.

The Grand Prix tournament in rhythmic gymnastics is a prestigious international contest held every year in the beginning of March in ten major European cities, with Holon the only non-European city in which it takes place.

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