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Children's CityCity Of HolonCulture & LeisureMunicipality

 Theaters and Culture Centers 


One of the main prominent cultural centers in Israel, a unique establishment attracting ten thousands visitors to indulge in a vast variety of arts and cultural events such as: distinguished repertoire theater performances, entertainment shows, music concerts and more

The Mediatheque is a new and unique concept in the Israeli cultural world, hosting, under one roof, different cultural institutions – the Mediatheque Library, the Mediatheque Theatre, Holon Cinematheque, Design Museum Holon and the Israeli Cartoon Museum

The Steinberg Music Center is a home of music, housing music lessons, shows, exhibitions, events and festivals.

The home of “Lihyot” is a unique municipal educational enterprise set to promote awareness and study of the Holocaust. Holon’s municipal education administration youth department operates this program

Unprecedented in Israel, one artistic body incorporates a puppetry school, a unique museum dedicated to puppetry, an auditorium, the international puppet-theatre and film festival, procession and street-theatre workshops, library and archives and more

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