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 Culture & Leisure 

The Holon Municipality takes fun seriously; we consider culture and recreation an integral part of the city’s quality of life. The city offers residents and visitors all sorts of leisure options with a special emphasis on children.  

Holon’s entertainment, enrichment and cultural centers operate all year round and target a wide range of people, age groups and special needs.  

The special events, annual festivals, and changing museum and gallery exhibits are well received and attract many visitors from all over the country.

Theater and music, design and the plastic arts, unique museums, galleries and culture centers for children, the most prominent of which is the Israeli Children’s Museum — all these and more demonstrate our commitment to making culture, art and recreation a significant part of city life. 

To help you plan a fun time in Holon, we have put together a list of attractions that appeal to a wide range of needs, tastes and preferences. There’s something here for everyone!  

Have fun surfing, but don’t stop there; come and enjoy what Holon has to offer!

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