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Sport Elegant: A New Exhibition during the Holon Fashion Week


A new exhibition at the Beit Meirov Art Gallery during the Israeli Design Season in Holon - Sport Elegat

The influence of design, technologies and materials on sportswear functionality

Is sport becoming elegant or is elegant becoming sport?

Featured designers: Itay Mintz for Dario's, Yael Levin, Noga Greis Avnon for GRAVA, MIK AN MOR, Gal Shenfeld for MEWS, Anat Zamir, Gloria Mundi

Curator: Hana Hertsman (Holon General Manager)

November 22th 2014 – January 3rd 2015

In preparation for the Holon Fashion Week that is due to take place at the end of November, the Sport Elegant exhibition will open on Saturday, November 22th, at the Beit Meirov Art Gallery.
The exhibition will take a close look at the sport-elegant combination, while examining the mutual influences of the two. A variety of Israeli designers will be displaying their interpretations of the sport-elegant combination, while using unique technologies and materials that put the functionality of sportswear in question.

Sports fashion has been considered one of the most influential fashion styles as of the twentieth century. Although in their early days sportswear had been owned by people of high social class, the expansion of the middle class had turned sport activities into a prevalent pursuit, and sportswear had blurred gaps of social classes.

Although the style of sportswear may look uniform to some, over the years the need to stand out among the crowds began to find expression in sportswear design, which has gradually taken on personal elements and unique designs allowed by the use of modern technologies and materials.
This way, striding along the beach or along urban walking trails, or stepping on the treadmill at the local fitness center can feel like attending an actual fashion show. Contemporary sportswear is a combination of various styles, casual yet meticulous, loose yet fitted, adorned. The women wear makeup and jewelry of different types and materials.

Designer Gal Shenfeld, owner of the MEWS brand, will be displaying clothes and jewelry as an accessible interpretation of individually manufactured clothes. The brand adheres to values of Anti Mass Production, seeking to stand out of the mainstream and create a subversive individualism, offering handcrafted all black clothes and jewelry, available in limited editions. The mesmerizing jewelry is made out of combs combined with broom hair.

Designer Itay Mintz for Dario's will be displaying jewelry he refers to as Fusion, combining different materials and different techniques alongside primitive yet modern inspirations. The jewelry, made out of industrial materials such as plastic and acrylic glass alongside natural materials such as ropes, combine craft techniques of weaving, braiding, and interweaving with etchings and laser.

The GRAVA brand, headed by Noga Greis Avnon, who specializes in fashionable sportswear and leisurewear for women, will be displaying twenty sport models made out of surprising and unique fabrics, combining extraordinary materials and modern technologies.
The MIK AN MOR brand will be displaying unique leather jewelry, braided in traditional weaving techniques in an array of colors. The brand, which specializes in the design of leather fashion accessories, consists of six designers of different backgrounds and specialties: textile design, gold crafting, product design, and fashion. The connection between the six designers, combined with the study of the material and the different crafts, creates a wide variety of authentic and interesting items.

All designs by young jewelry designer Yael Levin are guided by the premise that object designs can be inspired by just about anything. Levin makes use of different materials, connecting them to the human body through changing functionality. During the exhibition, Levin will be displaying jewelry made out of cardboard layers.
Anat Zamir, who has been creating fashion for the past twenty years, will be displaying purses and jewelry with a humorous and colorful twist, combining different materials: wood with gold, silver, gems, acrylic glass, and fleece. Her purses are a combination of Jacquard fabrics with leather, printed leather, textured leather, and fabrics made out of different materials.
Gloria Mundi Home Styling offers eclectic items from all over the world, which together form a collection of aesthetics and design. Complementing the experience of visiting the exhibition, the brand will be displaying unique items that are an exquisite mixture of urban, avant-garde, sport and elegant styles.

Sport Elegant

Exhibition opening: Saturday, November 22th at 11:00
Beit Meirov Art Gallery
31 Hertzfeld St., Holon. Tel: 03-6516851
Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.;
Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
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