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The Holon Industrial Zone: the ‘Next Big Thing’ for Clean Industry and Offices


At the annual meeting with manufacturers and entrepreneurs, the mayor and other senior officials updated Holon industrialists on developments and future plans

At the annual meeting with manufacturers and entrepreneurs, the mayor and other senior officials updated Holon industrialists on developments and future plans

The Holon Industrial Zone continues to develop and the municipal executive is always eager to engage the industrialists and entrepreneurs who work there in strategic thinking.
New projects under construction in the industrial and business zone or that are in advanced stages of planning total some 200,000 square meters. The types of construction are different that in the past, both in terms of appearance and of purpose: The commercial spaces being planned and built now are predominantly for offices and clean industry.
At the same time, the municipality is making large investments in infrastructure and development work, particularly in those areas that are undergoing gradual changes, such as the Azrieli Project and the roads near it, and the Gav-Yam project. The city will continue to develop these infrastructures even before the businesses move in, stressing the esthetics, gardening and sculpture. The municipality, at its expense, will be placing environmental sculptures at every new building in the industrial zone.
Last week, at a special meeting at the Mediatheque, city officials updated the manufacturers on developments already occurring in the industrial zone and on its plans for the future. Many of the owners and executives of businesses in the zone attended, among them CEOs and managers from Elisra, Natzba, Ushpiz Motors, Tempo, Optical, Hazi Hinam, Hamim Veta’im, Orad Systems, Migan, Osem and others.
Mayor Moti Sasson told the participants that the Transportation Ministry had recently approved the construction of the northbound arm of the Holon East interchange, as well as a budget allocation of NIS 3.5 million for its planning. The entire process is expected to take three years and when the road is completed, it would make a major contribution to the development of the area.
Well aware of how important the issue of arnona (city taxes) is to businesses, particularly to those who will populate the office buildings that are being built or planned, the mayor said he is waging a tough battle with the various government ministries to foster fair competition by setting a uniform arnona rate for businesses throughout the country.
“There are mayors who have ‘arranged’ reduced arnona rates for themselves that are not justified and that hurts fair competition between the various cities,” Sasson said. “If arnona payments were uniform, we could compete fairly on offering better service, infrastructure quality, accessibility, and more.
Holon General Manager Hana Hertzman talked about the forum of women in industry and the design world who are working to strengthen the connections between them and to integrate design into industrial projects. Hertzman asked those in attendance to suggest projects in which they’d like to integrate designers and to allocate workshops to designers in which they could work and sell their work.
Participants expressed their satisfaction with the responses they receive from municipal officials in general, and the Industry and Commerce Administration in particular. Everyone agreed that the central location of Holon’s industrial zone gives it enormous potential to attract business and that it is “the next big thing” in real estate for businesses and offices. They also praised the opening of the Holon East interchange and stressed the need to increase accessibility to the area by opening the northern exit.
For over a year now, the Holon Municipality has been conducting a process of strategic thought and planning in an effort to formulate a vision, objectives and an action plan to develop and upgrade the city’s industrial zone in a way that fully utilizes its potential.
Haim Katz, director of the Industry and Commerce Administration, outlined the area’s development plan as it has progressed over the past five years, and discussed what is expected to happen during the coming five years.
“We are progressing around points that generate change,” Katz explained. “Now we have a new product – office space, something that was very much missing in Holon.”
More detailed and extensive information about relevant building plans, development and infrastructure work, and all updates about the industrial zone can be found on the website of the Industry and Commerce Administration.

The new Profit shopping center

The construction site of the Gav Yam project

The construction site of Azrieli Project