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Holon municipality is well appreciated due to the great achievements of the Infrastructures, Buildings, Parks & the Environment Administration, and has won the Beautiful Israel contest over and over again, as a clean, green and well-maintained city. 

The Education Administration aspires to meet the educational needs of the city residence, from toddlers to the elderly, on a daily basis and with special programs, in the school framework and beyond it.

The Architecture and Engineering Administration manages the progress and implementation of the city renewal program and new projects. Emphasis is placed on construction of high quality, sustainability and environment protection.

The Finance Administration administrates the various aspects of the municipal financial activities. Emphasis is placed on using technology to streamline financial and operational information flow.

The Operations and Administration serves both residents and city employees. It is the human resources center for municipal employees, dealing with recruitment, training, benefits and work conditions.

The welfare administration applies comprehensive service programs for the benefit of individuals, families and the community as a whole.  

The Holon Municipality is committed to a vision of economic prosperity. The Commerce and Industry Administration was established to actively pursuing development opportunities that will attract businesses and investors.

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