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Hana Hertsman


58 Weitzman st. Holon




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A Message from Holon Managing Director


Managing a modern city requires constantly juggling the many and varied issues that influence residents’ satisfaction and quality of life.
Holon is now Israel’s leading city in various areas, making it attractive to residents and visitors alike. It has made aesthetics a priority and has embraced the principles of a healthy and sustainable city; it has improved pupils’ academic achievements, and it has developed unique cultural institutions and enrichment programs for the entire family with special emphasis on children — as one would expect from Israel's “Children’s City.”

We aim to provide high quality services to all of our "clients" - namely residents, visitors and others; create the best possible conditions for the city to develop financially and commercially, and are renewing the city's industrial zone.

Design Museum Holon (DMH) is another municipal initiative which, since its opening in 2010, has turned into a highlight and attraction for visitors as well as Israeli and international professionals. As we expect design to become a growing field in the Israeli economy we want to do our share to promote it, even as we turn Holon into a national design hub.

All our plans and decisions are based on a desire to invest in our residents, from preschool children, through our teens, young adults, families and senior citizens.

To provide our children with the best opportunities we invest heavily in the local schools, upgrading the physical infrastructures and human resources, increasing the number of study hours prior to the matriculation exams, expanding unique teaching programs and instilling values by adopting a municipal code of ethics.

We perceive “education” in the broadest possible sense, which is why we’ve made significant investments in informal education, too. The city operates a wide range of educational, cultural and enrichment programs and institutions that introduce both children and adults to culture, art, knowledge and to community-based social and value-driven activism.

The city offers its residents and visitors community centers and cultural enrichment centers, such as the At Eye Level Center, Steinberg Music Center, Puppet Theater Center, The Israeli Center for Digital Art, the Hagana Memorial Museum, the Israel Children's Museum, The Israeli Cartoon Museum, Holon Mediatheque, with its Youth Theater, libraries and information and resource centers, Holon Cinematheque, Materials Library and of course, Design Museum Holon.

We believe that aesthetics is a crucial part of culture. We thus make an effort to keep up the city’s appearance by renovating our public parks and developing new ones, while taking great care to uphold and promote the city's “green” image. Infrastructures are well maintained and great emphasis is placed on smallest details, such as custom-made street furniture, directional signs, garbage cans and recycling bins.
To instill the values of living in an aesthetic environment and making art and culture an integral part of one’s life, the city operates galleries and holds various exhibitions, many of them outdoors. Dozens of Story Gardens, one of Holon’s special attractions, offer residents and visitors a place to relax, be exposed to plastic arts and reintroduced to the worlds of both classic and contemporary children's literature.

Throughout the year, particularly on holidays and during school vacations, we hold a wide range of festivals and cultural events that attract thousands of visitors from all over the country. In addition to the veteran, well-known festivals, such as the Days of Song Festival, the Woman's Festival and the Adloyada, Israel's largest Purim Parade, we hold special events such as the Sounds of Childhood Festival, which focuses on music and performing arts, The Israel Festival for Children and the International Festival for Puppet Theater and Films.

We’re eager to attract new residents to our city and we’ve made special efforts to plan high quality housing units and villas in the city's southern areas, to offer both current and potential residents new, attractive housing options. At the same time, we're advancing the plan for the Sand Dunes Park, which will preserve an area of open sand dunes, a habitat and landscape that's becoming rare in contemporary Israel.
Completing the picture is our effort to keep our city financially viable. For a city to be a lively, active place, municipal-initiated activities are important, but aren’t enough. Also needed are private-sector initatives that can offer a wide range of opportunities in the fields of industry, business and entertainment.

In recent years, we have made serious efforts to bring advanced industry and financial entrepreneurs to the Holon industrial zone, where they will develop high-level commercial and office centers that will create attractive and inviting work environments. The Holon East Interchange is now open, providing easier access to Holon from surrounding areas.. We are promoting the Azrieli Business Center, which will doubtlessly leverage the industrial zone and attract additional businesses and entrepreneurs, and we are actively publicizing the city's relevant building plans and infrastructure investments, whjch will lay the framework for rapid financial growth.

More information about the above and other subjects can be found on our website, which we use to strengthen our relations with the residents and anyone interested in events taking place in the city. The site is updated regularly and provides information about municipal services, activities and news. The site can also be used to contact the city's call center, download forms, etc.

And of course, after visiting our website, you are more than welcome to visit our city and enjoy the wide range of activities on offer.


Sincerely yours,
Hana Hertsman
General Manager


Hana Hertsman has been the managing director of Holon Municipality since 1993. She has a B.A. in sociology, an M.A. in public administration from Tel Aviv University and an M.A. in Early Childhood Education from the College for Academic Studies in Or Yehuda. She is also a graduate of the Curatorial Studies Program at Tel Aviv University and a senior business coach.

Since becoming the city's managing director, Hertsman has initiated significant changes in the municipality — in its organizational structure, deployment of human resources, economic development, and more.

Together with Mayor Moti Sasson, she has articulated the city's vision and launched the process of branding Holon as the Children's City. She also initiated the establishment of The Israeli Children's Museum, the Mediatheque Art and Culture Complex, the Story Gardens project, the Israel Puppet Center, Design Museum Holon (designed by Ron Arad Associates), and the unique Tip-Taf center for parents and toddlers.

In her role as the city's managing director, Hertsman manages annual administrative and capital budgets totaling some ₪1 billion. Hertsman sets the priorities and the municipal emphases to reflect the city's urban vision, implementing long-term strategic plans as well as shorter-term work plans that are monitored to assure they meet the goals set for them.

Hertsman has six professional deputies, each responsible for leading the municipality to excellence in his or her field. 
Hertsman established and continues to develop the municipal Quality of Service Pact, which sets standards for city services that can be measured and constantly improved. In addition to her role as managing director, Hertsman initiates and oversees projects carried out by the municipal subsidiary companies in charge of implementing the city's culture and leisure policies: Holon Theatre, Music, Art and Dance Development Corporation Ltd., Recreation and Entertainment (Holon) Ltd., and the Community and Leisure Association.

Hertsman’s work throughout the years has won her many accolades and awards, the most recent of which is the 2014 Feinstein Award for Urban Initiative.

Hertsman chairs the Holon Theater's Repertoire Committee, the Municipal Art Committee and the Pais (Israel Lottery) Performing Arts Committee. She is a member of the Pais Culture and Arts Council, the Israel Festival management, and the management of Igudan - the Dan Regional Association for Environmental Infrastructure.