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Municipal Hotline

Manager : Yafa Piatkovski
Address : 58 Weitzman st.
Tel.: 106/ 03 - 5011111

The Municipal Hotline responds to residents’ calls when there is an emergency or some other issue requiring immediate attention.
Active 24/7, the hotline forwards the call to the relevant municipal department. The issues are handled according to the timetable determined by the Municipal Service Pact and their urgency.

In addition to urgent problems, the hotline serves as a general information line, and can be contacted with any question about the city, even if not directly related to the municipality. Questions such as which pharmacies are open at night, what movies are being screened in the city, what bus line can get you to your destination, will all be answered quickly and courteously.

The municipality doesn’t just wait for residents to report problems; it operates a “106 patrol,” with cars that cruise around the city, identifying problems and hearing from residents about hazards, and forwarding the information to the relevant municipal departments. In some cases, the patrol car team can carry out the repair itself.

The hotline staff conducts periodic surveys to gauge residents’ satisfaction with the way their complaints are handled. Among the topics surveyed are operator courtesy, response time, quality of service, and so on. Residents’ cooperation with these surveys is very important as the call center seeks to maintain a high level of service.