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The City Council   

The city council, which has 25 members, is elected every five years by the city’s residents. As in Knesset elections, residents elect the council members by voting for party lists; the mayor, however, is elected in personal, direct elections. The mayor assembles a coalition; those factions that choose not to join remain in opposition. At the start of its term, the council assigns its members to committees in accordance with the parties’ election results.

The city council manages various realms of the city’s functioning; it sets the budget, passes local bylaws, issues permits and licenses determines municipal development policy and more. The council meets on a regular basis; these city council meetings are fully documented. Decisions made at city council meetings are legally binding.

The city council draws its authority from the national Municipal Ordinance and answers to the interior minister.  The Municipal Ordinance details the areas of a municipality’s authority and the function of its various committees.
A Bit of History

In the beginning, Holon was several small neighborhoods operating independently, and each had to face the difficult conditions and shortages alone. These extreme circumstances gradually led to increased cooperation between the neighborhoods, until finally, in July 1940, the first local council was launched. It assembled in the Savoy Cafe, with 11 members and Dr. Hayim Kugel as its chairman.

Ten years later, after the State of Israel was established, Holon was proclaimed a city. Since then the city council has been working vigorously for the benefit of all the residents in the bustling, modern city of Holon.

The 17th City Council   

Holon’s 17th city council was elected on October 2013, with Mayor Moti Sasson re-elected to his fufth  term.  The cuty council consists of 27 members.