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The Research Work on the 'Children's City'

Holon’s Renewal: Strategic, Marketing, Organizational and Management Aspects
Research by Edna Pasher Associates
Dr. Edna Pasher, Inbal Aviv-Tal, Yasmin Shikler and Bone Tirosh

Over the past two decades, the city of Holon has undergone what can only be described as a revolution. It has succeeded in changing its image, positioning itself as a thriving, lively and well-kept city that offers its residents a good quality of life, with an abundance of leisure and cultural activities for everyone, with a special focus on families, kids and teens

Holon is now branded as Israel’s “Children’s City,” a focus of attraction and interest and a place to which there is always a reason to return. The change has brought with it a continuing growth in residents’ satisfaction, and the city has attracted new residents, many of them families with young children, who realize that this is a good place to raise kids.

Now it’s time to share with others the experience and know-how that we’ve accumulated. For this purpose, we commissioned a professional research, study that involved interviewing many of those who took part in the process, reviewing relevant documents, and evaluating surveys done over the years that assessed the influence of the process on the city and its public image.

The process is described from a managerial and marketing perspective. To add value to the information, tips, suggestions and conclusions are included in each of the chapters, alongside our “story”.

You're welcome to read "Holon - The Children's City" and learn how a determined and visionary city management succeeded in turning a moribund “bedroom” suburb into a vibrant city that has attracted international attention as a great place to live and visit.

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