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Children's City

​Dear Kids,

Many years ago, when computers and the Internet were in the realm of science fiction, my friends and I would spend long hours playing outside. We would run barefoot on the sandy, golden hills that covered most of the city, playing hide and seek, leap-frog and tag -- and there was soccer, of course (that was our favorite neighborhood game as kids).

Years passed, and I was privileged to become mayor of my hometown, a city that everyone now recognizes as the “Children’s City” of Israel. 

The Holon of today is very different from the Holon of my childhood. You guys are growing up in a different world. You live in a big, vibrant city that has many activities and many buildings, roads, shops, sport centers and great places to hang out, while even at home, from a young age, you are exposed to an almost infinite virtual world.

With the help of advanced technology, you can visit almost every corner of the globe, chat with kids who live thousands of miles away, and learn many new things. But you can also learn about the place where you live, to understand how it is managed and what its responsibilities are.

With the help of this website, you can learn more about Holon, the “Children’s City,” and the unique activities that it offers — both the special events and day-to-day life, which I think is no less interesting. Someone has to make sure that the streets are clean, that the parks stay nice and green, that the schools have the proper equipment, that buildings are built according to well-thought-out plans and that the stores sell food that’s fresh and safe to eat.

These are only a small number of the things city employees take care of so that you, the city’s kids -- and everyone else, too – can enjoy and be proud of where you live.

I hope you like the website – you’ll learn a lot, and it might even help you with some school projects – but please, don’t spend too much time at the computer. Walk through our streets sometimes and enjoy the little pocket parks – especially the Story Parks — that are all around. Visit our special children’s museum, or the Mediatheque, where you can read a good book or enjoy a children’s play.

And as computer-savvy as you may be, I’m sure you play soccer, too. So don’t forget to meet your friends in the park for that! 

​​​All the best!
Moti Sasson​

Mayor Moti Sasson with kidsMayor Moti Sasson in the story garden 'The Chameleon'​​
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