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A Message from the Mayor

​​​​​​Dear residents and visitors,

Welcome to our website!

Holon's Municipal Website offers you extensive information about services and activities around town.  

Browsing this site will familiarize you with the essence of living in Holon: a top-notch educational system, culture and fun, special events and municipal services, construction and development, commerce and industry, landscaping and urban improvement, Holon’s history and its future plans.

This essential and interesting information is now always available and frequently updated.

We are committed to accessible, interactive government. Res​idents can conduc​​t much of their business with the city from the comfort of their own homes. You can download forms from the site, and even fill out some of them online. You can make property tax payments. You can report a problem or file a complaint to the municipal hotline (106) and follow up on how it’s being handled.

In the future, you’ll be able to register f​​or schools and for municipal recreation centers and get personal updates. We see this website as a vital tool for improving municipal services and promoting local issues.

If you are not a Holon resident, I hope you enjoy your virtual visit, but please, don’t stop there! Come and experience our beautiful city in person!

Holon is a great place to live and to ​​​​explore. Also, we are continuously innovating to improve our residents’ quality of life, and to develop new and exciting attractions for our guests.

Moti Sas​​son
Mayor, Holon

Holon Mayor Moti Sasson 

About Holon Mayor Moti Sasson

In December 2013, Mayor Moti Sasson recei​ved a Governance Award from the Governance Organization.

The head of the pu​blic committee for choosing the award winners was the former president of the Supreme Court, the judge Mishael Cheshin.
The Committee Members​ are: Proffessor Chalil Abu Dhaalu, journalist Meirav Arlozorof from "The Marker", the former Minister, Moshe Kahlon , attorney Miri Ben- Shoshan , Sderot municipality's comptroller and Eliad Shraga , the chairman of the governance organization.

The reasons h​​e was granted the award were written as follows: "Mayor Moti Sasson, who has been the mayor of Holon for 20 years, was born and raised in Holon. Mr. Sasson led the city to an unprecedented urban-cultural development, as well as to outstanding educational achievements while upholding the values of good governance.

When Mr. Sasson receiv​​ed the city of Holon, it had a negative image and a financial deficit. He transformed it into a city with outstanding municipals, cultural and educational achievements and repackaged the city as the "Israeli City of Children". He established the Holon Children Museum, green parks, Mediatheque library, Holon Cinematheque, The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Design Museum Holon and more. That changed the city dramatically. His uncompromising innovative spirit resulted in the city of Holon winning "The Five Beauty Stars" award from Council for a Beautiful Israel for 15 consecutive years.

Mr. Sasson with extreme dev​​otion successfully contributed to the city of Holon for more than 20 years, while upholding the values of good governance and can serve as an example for other mayors. He is known for encouraging improvements in environmental quality and for his work in the field of youth environmental education.

For his work as a senior and loyal elected official and his role in leading the outstanding achievements of the city of Holon including promoting infrastructure, fostering the arts, and encouraging improvements to environmental quality and for serving in such a position for a great duration while upholding the values of good governance. For all these Moti Sasson received a governance award for 2013 in the category of local authority".

In 2010, Holon Mayor M​​oti Sasson was named by Britain’s Monocle magazine as one of the 10 “freshest movers and shakers in urban politics worldwide.” Sasson, the article said, has "put a midsize bedroom community on the world's cultural map,” and the writers praised Sasson’s effort "to consolidate Holon's position as the Middle East's cultural center."

Moti Sasson, who was born and ra​​ised in Holon, starts his work day with a stroll through the streets of his beloved city. He graduated from Bialik Elementary School and Kugel High School, and spent his childhood playing in the city's sand dunes.

Sasson holds a B​​​.A. in Arabic language and literature and the history of the Middle East, as well as an M.A. in business administration. 

From 1976-198​​4 he managed the budget department of the National Insurance Institute.  From 1984-1989 he was deputy mayor of Holon, and served as chairman of its Budget Committee, chairman of the Human Resources Committee, chairman of the Investment Committee, was a member of the board of directors of two municipal subsidiary companies and deputy chairman of the Regional Association for Firefighting Services.

Sasson has been serving as Holon's Mayor since 1993was e​​​lected mayor. He also chairs the board of three municipal subsidiary companies: the Economic Co. for Holon Development ltd, the Recreation and Entertainment Company and the Company for the Development of Theater, Music and Art.

Since 1999, Sasson is also a member of the board of directors of the Mifal Hapayis Lottery and a member of the Culture and Art Committee of Mifal Hapayis, while also serving ​as chairman of this committee.

During​​​ his tenure, Sasson has led Holon to significant achievements and it is widely recognized as a well-run and innovative city, a leader in a number of fields. It is a place where people like to live, and attracts visitors from throughout the country and from all over the world. 

One of Sasson's top prioritie​​s has been education in general and education toward values and good citizenship in particular. As the leader of the “Children's City”, he wants to provide each and every child an opportunity to succeed. He often emphasizes the importance of keeping children in school, believing this is no less important than having them achieve high grades or improve the city's matriculation averages.

A prime example of this appr​​oach is the MAOR center – the Municipal Center for Evaluation and Treatment of Learning Disabilities – which was personally initiated by Sasson. It demonstrates how he expects the educational system to provide each and every student all the assistance he or she needs to fulfill their potential, regardless of their family’s financial status.


A​mong the prizes and awards Holon has won under Sasson:

  • Community Education Award – for the extensive investment made by Holon in both formal and informal education (2005)
  • Azrieli Prize for Urban Architecture – for the unique Story Garden project, which integrates art, literature, leisure and high quality of life (2005) 
  • Green Globe Prize by the Life and Environment Group – for transforming Holon into a child-friendly city with lots of public parks (2006)
  • Fifteen years of earning Five Stars of Beauty from the Council for Beautiful Israel; two years of which the city also earned the council’s Flag of Beauty, marking it as the most attractive city among Israel's mid-size cities. 
  • Responsible Financial Management Award from the Interior Ministry for over a decade.
  • Water Management Award from the Interior Ministry In addition.
  • Sasson himself was recently honored by Council of Youth Movements in Israel and cited by the Interior Ministry as a volunteering mayor.​
  • The Design Museum Holon, founded and sponsored by the Holon Municipality, was listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World by the renowned magazine Conde Nast Traveler (2010)​
The article CIVIC SLICKERS by Britain’s Monocle magazine
The article CIVIC SLICKERS by Britain’s Monocle magazine: nominating Holon's Mayor - Moti Sasson, one of the 10 "freshest movers"​.
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