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The Festival of Puppet Theater and Film

The International Festival of Puppet Theater and Film, featuring puppet makers and artists from Israel and around the world, has been held annually in July since 1995 at the Puppet Theater Center in Holon. The festival introduces visitors to puppet theater as a sophisticated, communicative artistic medium accessible to every age and taste.

The festival offers a wealth of programming:

On stage: Plays, shows and story-telling from Israel and abroad.
On screen: Evening screenings and dedicated movie-watching areas show feature films with puppets, documentaries about puppeteers, TV shows and commercials featuring puppets.

In exhibitions: Exhibitions about theater puppets and tribute exhibitions to renowned puppet artists. In workshops and master classes: Learning and experimentation for professionals, amateurs, and interested adults and children.
As part of special projects: Exhibitions and presentations in conjunction with arts academies.
In street performances: Many different artists give free performances for the public in the plaza and garden adjacent to the Center.

Festival objectives

  • Introducing the public to the many facets and varieties of puppet theater as a sophisticated, communicative artistic medium accessible to every age and taste.
  • Creating public awareness of the complexity of artistic achievement in this field, both on stage and screen.
  • Promoting high-quality Israeli arts by supporting original productions.
  • Broadening the horizons of Israeli artists by enabling interactions with foreign artists on the stage, in workshops and in meetings.
  • Introducing groups of young people, new immigrants and minorities to the public so they can be integrated into the local arts industry.
  • Creating new channels for artistic expression by conducting cooperative ventures with arts academies in various fields.

From the Magic Box, Festival 2010, photo Nir Shanany

From the Princess Not Laughing, Festival 2010, photo Ornan Breyer  

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