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​The Holon Mediatheque is an all-encompassing cultural hub, comprising five exciting institutions under one roof: The Mediatheque Public Library, The Mediatheque Theatre for Children and Youth, the Holon Cinematheque, Design Museum Holon and the Israeli Cartoon Museum.

The Mediatheque, opened in 2004, has gained local and international recognition for its high quality, multidisciplinary activities, and has become a focal point for people of all ages, from Holon and from all over Israel. The magical synergy between the Mediatheque components is a key element in fulfilling the center’s aim, which is to influence the relationship between culture, environment and the community. Each is a unique institution in its own right, but all work together to benefit and strengthen each other.

The Mediatheque building is an impressive architectural structure, a colorful urban celebration of colors and shapes, designed by B. Baruch and Y. Salamon Architects. The municipality invested $23 million in its construction.

Since its inception, the Mediatheque has been developing its different disciplines and diversifying its activities in a way that is helping expand young people’s cultural horizons. The Mediatheque is part of the education and cultural renewal program that has been overseen by Holon Mayor Moti Sasson and General Manager Hana Hertsman since 1994.

The Mediatheque building houses three exceptional centers: The Mediatheque Library, Holon Cinimatheque and the theatre for children and youth.

The Mediatheque Theatre for Children and Youth

The Mediatheque Theater, with three different halls, is Israel’s first permanent home for children’s theater. It produces five or six new quality productions for young people every year; some are based on classic Israeli and international literature, while others are original plays. These plays also go on the road, performing before audiences all over the country.

The Mediatheque Theater, in cooperation with the annual Israel Festival in Jerusalem, produces a major international festival for children and youth in Holon, held in late May-early June. Theater companies from all over the world participate in this festival, most of them with wordless plays that transcend the language barrier.

As part of its global outlook, the Mediatheque Theater also produces and markets plays designated for international festivals abroad, both independently and with the help of ASSITEJ International (International Association of Theater for Children and Young People).

Emil and the Detectives
(Photograph: Yossi Zwecker)​
International Festival for Children and Youth​

The Emperor's New Clothes
(Photograph: Yossi Zwecker)​
(Photograph: Yossi Zwecker)

Holon Cinematheque

Holon’s Cinematheque promotes a love for the art of movie-making by exposing its audience to the world’s cinematic abundance from diverse eras and genres. Screening over 40 films a month in two theaters, it offers a unique experience for everyone, emphasizing full interaction with the audience.

The Cinematheque is also committed to exposing audiences of all ages to animation as a cinematic genre and technique, and it screens short animated films at the beginning of many of its showings. The Cinematheque promotes the creation of short animated films by staging an annual competition called MaraToon, and maintains an animation archive, which aims to collect, register and document all Israeli animated works. The Cinematheque has a free DVD lending library.

The Mediatheque Library

The Mediatheque Library is a dynamic 21st century information center, the state-of-the-art incarnation of Holon’s main public library, which was established in 1956.

The library contains information repositories and unique collections that integrate sophisticated and updated technology alongside high-quality cultural and enrichment activities.

The children and adult lending sections offer extensive collections of books in Hebrew, English, French, German, Romanian, Russian and Spanish. The library also offers a language laboratory equipped with computer programs and books for learning several languages. The music section offers thousands of compact discs from a wide range of musical styles – classical, folk, pop and rock. There is also a wide selection of movies in DVD format.

The Current Events Corner has daily newspapers, popular magazines and more. The Reference sections include printed documents, academic periodicals as well as materials on a wide variety of subjects stored on an electronic database. Services, such as magnifiers for the visually impaired, are provided to special-needs populations. A special section offers services to individuals with learning disabilities. There are some 80 computers available for visitors’ use on-site, while an interactive website enables you to explore the library from the comfort of your own home, to browse the sections and ask questions of the professional library staff.

The Mediatheque also operats sevem library branches, which provide services to all the neighborhoods of Holon. All seven neighvorhoods' branches are well equipped with books, computers and professional guidance.

The adult lending sections The Mediatheque Library

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