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The Steinberg Music Center

The Steinberg Music Center is a professional center for music, music education and the performing arts, as well as a musical home for the community. The center enables anyone who is interested in any area of music to create, perform, study or do research.

The center, located in the heart of the Kiryat Sharett neighborhood in Holon, is home to a quality, professional staff that is committed to the vision of bringing change to Holon and to Israel in general. It is here to serve the Holon community and the rest of Israel’s communities as well.

The Steinberg Center aims to:

  • Effect, initiate and bring about change in music education
  • Serve as a model for joint municipal endeavors in all areas of music
  • Enable everyone to express himself by engaging in and studying music
  • Be a good influence on the lives of tens of thousands of children and adults through music.

The center serves the community in several important ways:


The Music School: The center offers a comprehensive study program developing performance skills and musical orientations. Students join orchestras and bands from the first year and enjoy performances and concert recitals held on the premises and other locations. There are also music lessons for individuals and groups.

The center sponsors chamber ensembles, jazz, rock, a municipal choir, a performance troupe for musical plays, and a wind orchestra. Many of these groups perform at city events, and have represented the city in festivals in Israel and abroad.

The center maintains contact with Holon schools, supervising their music programs and initiating projects in conjunction with the municipal Education Administration.

  • Classes for enrichment or to take one’s first steps in a variety of arts.
  • A Home for Original Productions
  • Performers, musicians and the center’s teachers and students create their own live productions.
  • A Home for Performers
  • The center offers its services to all types of performing arts groups. It provides a place for artists of different disciplines to meet and encourage the search for new and refreshing expressions for the musical stage.

Performance Halls

The center’s performance halls are used for:

  • The Steinberg Center’s original performances
  • Theater, musical and other performances
  • Professional appearances in that fall into the categories of music and the arts
  • Activities and performances by creative arts groups in the community

Special Activities

The center initiates numerous special shows and festivals along with master classes, seminars, forums and other events under the rubric of music and the arts.

The Center’s Facilities

  • The large hall, a state of the art hall with 578 seats
  • The club hall with 120 seats
  • Two studios used for dance rehearsals, lectures and other projects
  • Classrooms
  • A music library
  • Two galleries

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