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La Park

​​ Visitors are invited to enjoy this unique leisure and entertainment complex, found at the heart of a natural park. Complementing the park's pastoral atmosphere, the complex offers a one-of-a-kind leisure experience for the entire family. Aside from the shopping and culinary delights, visitors will enjoy the calm and beautiful surroundings of the green park, which make for a perfect space for spending family quality time. Sprawling over two acres, La Park is divided into two levels overlooking the main plaza, a designated venue for events and activities including a musical garden for children and a beautiful lake with fountains and spectacular lighting, also offering an enjoyable cruise. La Park promotes various activities and events either on a regular basis or upon request: folk dancing, children's activities and family activities, shows and performances, local festivals, exhibitions, orchestras, markets, workshops, live screenings of sports events, and more.
Free parking.

La Park is run by Recreation and Entertainme​nt (Holon) Ltd., a municipal subsidiary.

La Park La Park

La Park  La Park

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