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The Sand Dunes Park: An Urban Oasis

The Sand Dunes Park: An Urban Oasis 

Holon got its name from the Hebrew word hol, sand, a reference to the expanses of sand dunes on which it was built. Over the decades, the Greater Tel Aviv metropolitan area, known as the Dan Region, of which Holon is a part, has been almost totally built up, with most of the land turned into an urban landscape of buildings, roads and commercial and industrial zones.

Fortunately for Holon and its residents, around a thousand acres in the southern part of the city remains in its original state, a remnant of the historic landscape. These remaining dunes are a unique habitat for various flora and fauna, and many interesting species have been noted there, including protected species at risk of extinction.

Part of this area is slated for additional construction of new neighborhoods. But about a quarter of this is slated to remain open public space, of which 100 acres is to be turned into a municipal park – the Holon Sand Dunes park -- that will preserve a section of the dunes in its pristine, natural state.

The park will be a place for recreation, scientific research and artistic creation. It will provide an enriching experience to pupils and researchers, as well as to families and hikers who love nature.

“As someone who was born and raised in Holon, I remember how we spent hours playing and exploring among the dunes,” recalls Holon Mayor Moti Sasson. “When I look at the dunes that remain, it seems self-understood that we must create a park to preserve this natural resource that is fast disappearing, so we can restore to our children some of the dune experiences that we had.”

To preserve as much of the dunes as possible, the park will be developed only at its edges, where it borders on residential neighborhoods; in those areas there will be walking paths and sitting areas, although the flora and fauna will be preserved.

The central, untouched area will be open to the public, creating a unique nature spot in the heart of the Dan Region’s urban sprawl. It will thus be an attraction not just for Holon’s residents, but for those living in the region and throughout the country.

The Vision

The Sand Dunes Park will be a unique urban park, which will preserve nature and the landscape, particularly the dunes and the existing ecosystem, strengthening it with sustainable planning.

The park will be accessible to all, and will be an inseparable part of life in the city of Holon, while also serving visitors from Israel and abroad. This is another stage in the development of Holon as the Children’s City. The park will offer a variety of activities for all ages, and will connect visitors to nature, the landscape and local history.

The Sand Dunes Park will have an operational-financial structure that will provide for the site’s maintenance and development.

Blooming Yelow at the Holon Sand Dunes Blooming Yelow at the Holon Sand Dunes

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