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RenderWebPart(HtmlTextWriter output)
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display the web part
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at Ladpc.Internet.SharePoint.LadpcECM.WebParts.IBox.IBoxWebPart.RenderWebPart(HtmlTextWriter output)

Commerce and industry

In recent years, the industrial zone and the commercial centers have been undergoing a process of transition from having industrial and commercial characteristics only to having varied characteristics, including industry, commerce, services and entertainment.

The Industry and Commerce Administration (ICA) is active mainly in the areas of: 

  • ​Economic development and bringing in business and entrepreneurial entities such as the Azrieli Group, Amot Investments, Gav-Yam, etc. 
  • Everything related to marketing and populating the industrial and business zones, with an emphasis on upgrading infrastructure and expanding roads.
  • Providing an optimal response to difficulties encountered by merchants and industrialists. The ICA is the entity to whom business owners turn for obtaining business licenses and with regard to environmental problems, while it does all it can to provide optimal service to all the industrialists and merchants in the city in general and in the industrial zone in particular.
  • Ensuring enforcement of garbage removal, maintaining cleanliness and preventing sanitary and traffic hazards in conjunction with municipal inspectors. 
  • Planning OPAs (Open Public Areas) and upgrading the appearance of commercial and industrial zones in coordination with the Parks and Landscape Division.
The Industry and Commerce Administration maintains close ties and is a doorway for any entrepreneur, industrialist or business owner who encounters difficulties with the various authorities. The ICA works in cooperation with municipal entities, in order to assist and facilitate.​
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