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Administration of Human Resources and Culture

The Administration of Human Resources and Culture provides services to city residents, municipal employees and Municipality management, both in terms of human resources – recruitment, intake and nurturing of human capital, and in terms of municipal culture – central events for local residents.

The Administration’s main areas of activity:

  • Human resources: Responsibility for recruitment and intake of human capital and its integration in the organization, handling personnel tenders as required by law, assisting employees during their working years and helping them to exercise their rights, receive promotion and enrichment, increasing their professional knowledge through courses and seminars, caring for employees’ welfare and fostering their sense of belonging, which contributes to the Municipality’s work on behalf of residents.
  • Employee development and training: Enriching professional knowledge, training and empowerment for employees through refresher courses and assimilation of working rules, methods and procedures. An annual training program with a dedicated budget for Municipality employees is built in collaboration with their managers, who present the needs with reference to the annual budget. Training is given in groups aimed at managers, professional staff, new employees, and other specific groups.
  • Culture: Overall responsibility for municipal events.
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