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Education Administration

Holon, the Children’s City, believes in the younger generation, and sees nurturing the future generation as an objective to strive for, devoting its best efforts and resources. And indeed, a central pillar and focus of municipal policy is education and culture.
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Financial Administration

The Financial Administration, headed by the municipal treasurer, is responsible for the Authority’s financial system.
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Administration of Welfare and Social Services

The Welfare Administration provides skilled professional services in the areas of diagnosis, treatment, support, detection, prevention, protection and rehabilitation. The service is provided through various interventional means and social work methods – working with individuals, groups and the community.
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Infrastructure Administration

The Administration of Infrastructure, Buildings and Parks is the Municipality’s executive arm for all aspects of launching new city projects and the regular maintenance of urban infrastructure.
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Planning and Engineering Administration

The Planning and Engineering Administration is the professional authority for all engineering matters regarding town planning and architecture, construction licensing, construction supervision, betterment, properties, surveying and land arrangements, traffic and safety, the city’s appearance and hazardous buildings.
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Operations and Administrative Administration

This Administration is responsible for providing high quality, efficient service, using advanced technological means, to Municipality units and employees and to local residents.
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Commerce and industry

In recent years, the industrial zone and the commercial centers have been undergoing a process of transition from having industrial and commercial characteristics only to having varied characteristics, including industry, commerce, services and entertainment.
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Administration of Human Resources and Culture

The Administration of Human Resources and Culture provides services to city residents, municipal employees and Municipality management, both in terms of human resources – recruitment, intake and nurturing of human capital, and in terms of municipal culture – central events for local residents.
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