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Infrastructure Administration

The Administration of Infrastructure, Buildings and Parks is the Municipality’s executive arm for all aspects of launching new city projects and the regular maintenance of urban infrastructure.

In Holon, a great deal of attention is given to nurturing the environment and maintaining the urban infrastructure as part of the conditions that create quality of life and satisfaction of residents and visitors. Over the years, the city has invested huge resources in new projects, in renewing and upgrading existing elements, in the regular day-to-day maintenance of the city.
Through the Administration, the Municipality has achieved many objectives and the city has won the Beautiful Israel prize again and again, as a clean, green, and well-kept city.

The Administration’s units and their employees are committed to a service charter whereby they undertake to repair any hazard reported to the Municipal and divisional call centers within a fixed time, which is known in advance to the representatives who answer the calls, to the complainants, and to the employees who handle the problem. Experience shows there is over 90% compliance with this commitment, while citizens express satisfaction with the handling in over 80% of cases.

The Administration sees residents not only as consumers of services but also as partners with ideas for improving and streamlining services: we are with you and for you.

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