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Administration of Welfare and Social Services

The Welfare Administration provides skilled professional services in the areas of diagnosis, treatment, support, detection, prevention, protection and rehabilitation. The service is provided through various interventional means and social work methods – working with individuals, groups and the community. The services for individuals, families and the community are designed to achieve defined objectives, according to Ministry of Welfare policy, and in coordination with municipal management and policy.

The Administration’s activity is based on collecting and analyzing information, defining priorities, planning, assessing outcomes, and preparing work plans based on both professional principles and on proper management.

The Administration works to achieve significant changes in the lives of individuals, families, groups and the community, and helps those among them who have difficulty functioning and dealing with the troubles and crises in their lives,​ and integrating into society​. Assistance is given in the form of therapy, support, and mediation, and includes the provision of services (mostly given as services in kind).

The services provided cover all sections of the population, defined by age, needs and other characteristics: the elderly, individuals and families, children and youth, adolescents, drug abusers, alcohol abusers, prisoners, couples and family therapy, domestic violence, physical and developmental disabilities, activation of social protection and supervision laws, community work and volunteering.

The Administration employs social workers who specialize in various fields, plus paraprofessionals and administrative staff.

The Administration develops projects, services and therapeutic community frameworks for the welfare of the community as a whole, and for specific special populations in particular, and enlists organizations and NPOs for help in running them.

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