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Managing Director

The daily lives of us all are directly and widely influenced by the conduct, policy and functioning of the local authority. It seems that there is no area in our lives that municipal activity does not deal with, starting with urban planning, which determines the appearance of our homes, streets and neighborhoods, through a series of maintenance, cleaning, gardening, supervision and enforcement services that shape our living environment, to the municipal budgetary investments that effect our children's education, and our cultural, leisure and community life.

For more than two decades, the city of Holon has been a leader in its achievements and serves as an example of initiative, innovation and quality urban activity, which has even won awards and appreciation. Holon, the “Children's City”, is identified and recognized, among other things, by its unique cultural institutions, such as the Children's Museum, the Mediatheque Theater, the Puppet Theater Center, the Design Museum, the Cartoon and Comics Museum, the Story Gardens and more, which are an attraction for visitors and a source of pride for residents.

The vision of the city of Holon, conceived by the municipality together with the residents, states, among other things, that Holon - the Children's City is, on the one hand, a large city that offers a wide range of services and possibilities in all areas of life, and on the other hand, it is characterized by a warm family atmosphere, active community life and a sense of belonging, identifying and pride among its residents.

These two guidelines will continue to serve as the basis for Holon's development, led by the municipality. We will implement a policy whose purpose is to strengthen the city's advantages, its continued development and prosperity as a modern city, providing a high quality of life, extensive employment opportunities, accelerated development of industrial and business areas, and entertainment and interest centers alongside vibrant cultural and community life. The goal is to continue establishing Holon as a good place to live, a city that attracts families and young people, open and tolerant to the different sectors, where its residents feel they belong and are proud of being a part.

I would like to take advantage of my experience in managing and leading processes in my military service and in the government sector for the benefit of the city's residents. I intend to lead and harness the entire urban apparatus for further achievements, while constantly improving service and implementing attentive administration with you, residents of Holon. Foremost in our minds is our residents’ wellbeing, and I have no doubt that together we will be able to continue to promote Holon, leading it to many more achievements and to further increase your satisfaction with life in the city.

Yossi Silman
Municipal General Manager

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