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Commerce and Industry

We Are Downtown and Up to Business​


Holon Community Business and Industrial Zone takes an innovative approach to economical and organizational matters. It will attract businesses and industrial companies, leverage the city of Holon and become a leader in technological education, sustainability and design, both nationally and internationally.

Business and Industrial Zone Holon is located at the Center of Everything

Business and Industrial Zone​​ Holon is one of the leading industrial zones in Israel. It is located at the very heart of Dan (Tel Aviv) Metropolis, within a population of over a million, and near several central transport links: Highway 4 (Ashdod – Tel Aviv), Highway 44 (Jaffa – Jerusalem), Ayalon Highways and Highway 1, allowing an easy access to the city of Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport and Ashdod Port. In the future the green line of the light rail system from Tel Aviv to Rishon LeZion will pass through Business and Industrial Zone Holon.

Business and Industrial Zone Holon houses a variety of businesses and industries, including:

electronics, software, pharmaceutical manufacturing, machining, computers, thermal processing, plastic products, coatings, wood processing, advanced printing press factories, book binding factories, recording studios, refrigeration warehouses, car rental agencies, car services, sewing, fabric processing, bakeries, garages, and raw material agencies. This large variety facilitates collaboration between suppliers for enhancing the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

Future Zoning Plans

Holon Commerce and Industry Administration joined forces with the Engineering Administration to complete new zoning plans for Business and Industrial Zone Holon. The new plans include road improvements and better conditions for current and future entrepreneurs. There are two main plans: Het-499 for the older zone and Het-152/3 for the newer, more advanced zone near Jerusalem Boulevard and Holon East Interchange. Both plans will add a building area of over 2,000,000 square meters for the next few years. The plans are currently at final approval stages.

Zone Development 

Business and Industrial Zone Holon is currently growing through the development of existing businesses and cutting-edge campuses. Among these are: Holon Azrieli Business center as the development hub of Het-152/3, Gav Yam Center as the development hub of Het-499, Elisra Company Facilities and Premium Business Center as additional focal points of Het-499, Profit Center as the development hub of Het-152/3. Additional hubs are in initial planning stages.

Infrastructure Development

Holon Commerce and Industry Administration concentrates its efforts in developing advanced infrastructures around the new hubs currently built throughout Business and Industrial Zone Holon, as well as in developing and improving transport links and access to and within it. Examples of these are Holon East Interchange and upgrading works of Hamelakha Street.


Business and Industrial Zone Holon is managed by Holon Commerce and Industry Administration, of which mission is to provide the following services: marketing, infrastructure development and regular management of the services it provides.

Holon Commerce and Industry Administration is the authority mediating between current and new entrepreneurs and Holon Municipality authorities, with the purpose of streamlining processes in areas such as planning, business and building licensing and the environment.

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