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Holon Municipal Development Corporation

​The Holon Municipal Development Corporation is a Holon Municipality subsidiary that initiates, plans, manages, executes and supervises municipal projects according to the city’s planning policies and in coordination with various municipal offices. The company works to better the quality of life for city residents and improve the value of municipal properties.

Company areas of activity

  • Initiating, building and developing public, cultural and communal institutions, knowledge-intensive industries, offices and special residential projects.
  • Managing municipal properties and routinely examining sale, rental and maintenance contracts for various properties in coordination with the Municipal Property Unit.
  • Providing maintenance and cleaning services to the city’s educational, cultural and sports institutions in cooperation with the Educational Administration, the Mediatheque Complex, and the National Insurance and Welfare Administration Complex.
  • Maintaining ongoing contacts with potential investors to improve city properties and increase utility for residents.

Projects in Development

The Sports Arena

The Sports Arena, which is being planned and will be built to international standards, is designed to host basketball, handball, volleyball and international gymnastics competitions. The arena and its various annexes will cover some 11,000 square meters in the currently undeveloped Peres Park.

Boulevard Towers Park

This progressive, unique plan to build a new civic center for the city of Holon includes a 700-meter-long, 40-meter-wide avenue. The central concept for the avenue was developed by French architect Jean-Paul Viguier. Work on the infrastructure is expected to be completed in early 2012.

Hi Tech Park

A plan of international proportions, the park -is expected to provide an anchor for the city and an attraction for Holon’s renascent industrial zone, while maximizing the economic potential of the area and creating new jobs for city residents and for an influx of a new, highly educated population. The Holon Municipal Development Corporation and Industry and Trade Administration are responsible for the investment and for marketing of the project, which is being carried out by the Azrieli Group.

The Solar Pr​​​oject

With Holon becoming a healthy and sustainable city seeking to contribute to the preservation of natural resources and the environment, the Holon Municipal Development Corporation is constructing solar systems to produce electricity in 23 schools, by renting out the roofs of public institutions to solar energy companies. The first stage of the project is currently nearing completion, and the construction of additional solar systems will occur when further allocations are issued by the Israel Electric Company.

Projects in Marketing

Shuk Hanevi’im: The H-415 Shuk Hanevi’im complex is nearing completion.
Land and zoning for an exclusive residential tower as part of the Boulevard Towers Park project at the corner of Henkin and Hahistadrut streets.

Key Projects Already Completed

Design Museum Holon

Design Museum HolonThis unique project was planned and executed in three locations – Italy, Israel and England. The architectural planning was carried out in England by architects Ron Arad and Asa Bruno; the COR-TEN (weathered steel) bands were manufactured in Bergamo, Italy, by Marzorati Ronchetti; and the construction in Holon was executed by contractor Asher Green under the supervision of Waxman-Govrin Ltd. All the systems were integratively managed by the Holon Municipal Development Corporation. 

The National Insurance and the Holon Municipality Welfare Administration BuildingThe National Insurance and the Holon Municipality Welfare Administration Building

The building, representing a new and unique architectural concept in the field of public buildings, is located at the corner of Pinhas and Bareket streets. The building has been awarded numerous national architecture prizes.

The Mediatheque

The MediathequeThe municipal cultural complex at 6 Golda Meir Street is an intricate structure expressing a unique architectural concept by any standard. It was planned by architects Baruch Baruch and Ronny Zeibert and has been awarded numerous national architecture prizes.

Build-a-Flat in Tel Giborim: 124 residential units.
Build-a-Flat in Kiryat Micah: 188 residential units.

Board of Directors

  • Moti Sasson, Mayor and Chairman of the Board
  • Zohar Neumark, Deputy Mayor and Deputy Chairman of the Board
  • Yaakov Harash, City Council Member, Member of the Board
  • Sammy Shmueli, Public Representative, Member of the Board
  • Orna Pinhasov, Public Representative, Member of the Board
  • Amnon Eretz-Kdosha​, City Treasurer, Member of the Board
  • Mimi Peleg, City​​ Engineer, Member of the Board
  • Haim Katz, Deputy Director-General of the Industry and Trade Administration, Member of the Board

Tenders Committee

  • Yitzhak Vidavsky, Committee Chairman
  • Mimi Peleg, Committee Member
  • Haim Katz, Committee Member

Finance Committee:

  • Zohar Neumark, Committee Chairman
  • Sammy Shmueli, Committee Member
  • Haim Katz, Committee Member

Auditing Committee:

  • Sammy Shmueli, Committee Chairman
  • Yaakov Harash, City Council Member
  • Orna Pinhasov, Member of the Board

Company Employees:

  • Penina Shenhav, CEO
  • Gabriel Lebel, Vice President and Project Coordinator
  • Miki Magal, Company Secretary
  • Tikva Bartanhum, Accountant
  • Galia Soker, Properties and Institutional Cleaning
  • Israel Ben Bassat, Maintenance of Schools

Legal Affairs:

  • Atty. Gershon Rothschild, Law Offices of Nathan Meir & Partners
  • Atty. Tzvi Morag, Law Offices of Tzvi Morag

Internal Company Auditor:

  • Acct. Alkalay Monrov

Company Accountant:

  • Acct. Meir Arbiv, Accounting Offices of Strauss, Lazar & Partners

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