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Recreation and Entertainment (Holon) Ltd.

​ Recreation and Entertainment (Holon) Ltd.
Motti Sasson - Mayor & Company Chairman
Shimshon Chen - CEO
Yigal Eyal- Director Sports Sector
Established: 1962
Line of Business: Leisure, Recreation and Sport.

Holon Entertainment and Leisure Co. is one of Israel’s leading providers of leisure and culture services. Founded in 1962, the company is the owner, manager and operator of a range of cultural, social, leisure and sports services for the residents of Holon and the surrounding area. It is a limited company fully owned by the Holon Municipality. The company’s revenue in 2008 totaled about NIS 65 million, with net profit amounting to NIS 4.7 million. The company has been profitable for some years, and all profits are reinvested for the benefit of residents. Holon Entertainment and Leisure Co. is the principle strategic structure for positioning the city of Holon, which strives to provide residents with developed community services, diverse and equal for every person with a stress on education and culture.

Economic Strength & Community Orientation

As a limited company, which is fully owned by the municipality, Holon Entertainment & Leisure Co. balances activities in full market conditions, on the one hand, and an orientation to community and social needs, on the other hand. This privatization model enables the city of Holon to enjoy the efficiency and flexibility of free competition as well as stability and consideration of the needs typical of the residents of municipal authorities. The company manages a substantial part of the cultural and leisure activities offered to residents of Holon, while maintaining full economic independence without depending on municipal budgets.

Advanced Management Methods

In order to maintain competitiveness and profitability, the company uses advanced management methods including MBO – targeted management, and focused data management encouraging use of supervised know-how and information with internal and external organizational transparency. The company’s management operations are fully computerized:


Holon Entertainment and Leisure Co. sees safety as a fundamental value of a cultural organization and rigorously applies safety in all activities. The company employs safety consultants and strict safety procedures, which are embedded in all organizational departments.

Company Activities

Go-On Chain

This is a chain of country clubs providing services to 15,000 subscribers in Holon and environs. In addition to the country club services, Go-On subscribers enjoy a range of discounts and benefits, shows and events with the philosophy that each club enriches the cultural and social lives of its members.

The chain has three brands, each with a distinct market position

Breeze: an exclusive country club including swimming pools, sports halls, organized activities, sauna, fitness room, tennis courts and more.
Yamit 2000: a unique site combining a country club and spa together with a water park including water slides, entertainment and amusement amenities for children, pools and sports facilities. The site can be used by subscribers or on a pay-as-you-enter basis. In 2009 the site was ranked as a top-ten tourist attraction with over 400,000 visitors. Yamit 2000 is the main strategic asset of the Holon Entertainment and Leisure Co.
and enables cooperation with various institutions and bodies and generates a range of discounts, benefits, and events for Go-On subscribers. Nofshonit: neighborhood country club and fitness facility for the general public.

Managing Municipal Institutions

Holon Entertainment and Leisure Co. receives a substantial part of the outsourcing projects in the sports and culture sectors of the Holon Municipality. These include:

Sports Activities

Afternoon Sports Activities

Holon Entertainment and Leisure Co. operates sports activities and programs for in the afternoons in schools. These activities are conducted at a higher standard than in the past, without any cost to the municipality, and the bottom line is that the company balances its budget.

Therapeutic Sport

A municipal center offers multi-disciplinary treatment for children with special needs, which enables them and their families to undergo a treatment and rehabilitation process of a high standard at a low cost.

Cultural Centers

Holon Entertainment and Leisure Co.

takes advantage of its know-how in planning, setting up and positioning leisure centers in order to create and operate unique cultural centers.

The Holon Puppet Theater Center

includes a school of puppetry, puppet museum, and enrichment courses in puppet theater, and hosts various events in this sector.

The Israel Center for Digital Art

a gallery and meeting place for artists, critics and fans of digital art including exhibitions, a video archive and educational and community activities.

Children’s Museum

this unique museum provides an experience for children aged 2-10, and the "dialogue in the dark” attraction, which enables visitors to experience the world of the blind. Founded by the Holon Entertainment and Leisure Co. and given to the Holon Municipality.

Peres Park

Peres Park covers 75 acres and is one of the central green open spaces of Holon. In addition to the park itself there is a lake, amphitheater, children’s playgrounds and free parking. Holon Entertainment and Leisure Co. planned and developed the park, and is responsible for its ongoing running and maintenance as well as the various business initiatives within the park.

Mediation and Assistance to the Municipality in Business projects

Due to the company’s extensive know-how in the business and municipal fields, the company serves as a mediator between various business bodies and the Holon Municipality in commercial projects such as the opening of a chain of cafes in the city. Thus the inter-disciplinary abilities of the company enable it to bridge the various outlooks and set up projects, which meet both business and municipal criteria.

Exporting the Model

The success of the Holon Entertainment and Leisure Co. has led to interest from other municipalities and local authorities, which seek to set up similar bodies in their jurisdiction. The company’s managers frequently give tours and lectures to representatives who come to Holon to learn from the success of the city’s model.
Address: Har Hatzofim St. Kiryat Sharett, P.O.B.5132 Holon 58492
Tel: 972-3-5582049 Fax: 972-3-5599411
E-Mail: headoffice@reh.co.il
Website: www.reh.co.il

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