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Mei Shikma, the Water and Sewage Corporation

Mei Shikma Ltd. was established in 2008 as the regional water and sewage corporation, according to the Water and Sewage Corporation Law that was enacted by the Israel Knesset in 2001. According to this law, every local authority in Israel must establish a water and sewage corporation operating separately from the Authority, in order to improve the service and upgrade the infrastructure.

The Corporation serves some 250,000 residents and is responsible for 100,000 water meters in Holon, Or Yehuda, Azor and Beit Dagan.

The Corporation purchases ~19 million cubic meters of water each year from Mekorot and maintains some 300 km of water pipes and another 300 km of sewage pipes. The Corporation also has a regional sewage pumping station that sends waste to Shafdan – the Dan Region Wastewater Treatment Plant.

In addition, the Corporation maintains a reservoir of 3000 cubic meters within the boundaries of the Azor Regional Council.

The Corporation is subordinate to the government’s Water and Sewage Authority, which acts as the state regulator, and is required to submit regular financial and other reports to the Commissioner for Corporations, which reflect its water and sewage activities.

The Corporation is also required to submit regular reports on control of water quality to the Ministry of Health.

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