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The Community and Recreation Network

A not-for-profit organization, established by the municipality of Holon and the Community Center Company, with the understanding that a strong community is the key to a better life for individuals and families.

The Network initiates, manages and runs various activities in Holon, which encourage residents to actively participate in the community.

The Network’s activities lead to stronger communities through the formation of bridges and ties between their members, forming collaborative circles and social networks.

Each member of the network works towards forming dialogue between neighborhoods and residents in Holon and invites them to initiate, influence, become involved, volunteer and become leaders in a wide variety of fields.

The Network runs:

  • 8 community centers, which invite residents to take part in enrichment programs, sports, culture, recreation and social gatherings
  • 14 community outreach centers active in schools throughout the city, forming another venue for community involvement
  • 3 sports centers promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • 5 culture and arts centers that enable residents to study, develop and specialize in the fields of culture and art
  • 6 youth centers, which offer social enrichment activities for teens
  • 4 educational centers offering personal growth, enrichment and study
The Network’s primary areas of focus: community; volunteering; fostering community leadership; programs for youth, senior citizens, and people with special needs; recreation, sports and healthy lifestyle, studying and education, preschool educational programs and Jewish and Israeli culture, summer camps and activities and more.​
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