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Hosmasa – The Hagana Memorial Museum

Built in 1934, over a well set in sand dunes, the Bauhaus-style building served as a secret training base for Hagana members from Holon and its environs prior to the establishment of the state.

An interactive exhibition and tour allows visitors to experience the tense and clandestine atmosphere, learn about the Hagana in Holon, battle training, the underground activities and life in Holon before and during the War of Independence Visitors will learn how to search for arms caches and use communications methods like Morse code and Semaphore. There’s an interactive game and an audio-visual presentation about the site.

Hosmasa – The Hagana Memorial MuseumThe tour includes entrance to the old Hosmasa well, where arms were once hidden and which still functions today, and a visit to the garden and the displays scattered throughout it: arms caches and various weapons used during the War of Independence. Extended tour may include visits to additional historic sites and new sites and attractions in Holon.

There are special tours and programs designed for schools and groups of all ages.

Hosmasa – The Hagana Memorial Museum Hosmasa – The Hagana Memorial Museum 

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