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Municipal areas of emphasis

Each year, the Municipality’s Management and its Director General define a number of themes as the targets for special efforts by every unit of the Municipality for that year – in addition to their regular work.

These municipal emphases are the product of the city’s vision as a whole, but enable it to focus on certain subjects each year – according to preliminary strategic thinking based on knowledge, information and data that is consistently and regularly collected by the municipal Strategic Planning Division.

The municipal emphases enable the Municipality to break down the vision into an annual work plan, providing an up-to-date response to changing conditions and needs.

Each unit of the Municipality manifests these emphases through its definition of targets and objectives to be implemented in that year’s work plan. During the year there is regular oversight of the plans’ implementation.

Municipal Priorities and Emphases for 2017-2019

Holon, the Children’s City

  • Holon, the Children’s City, nurtures the future generation, community and family life, belonging and involvement.
  • Culture and leisure for everyone – Holon offers a variety of cultural and leisure activities for all its residents and visitors.
  • Holon is one inclusive space for education and learning, in which everyone involved in education, culture, enrichment and leisure works together to nurture our children and turn them into educated, enlightened and ethical adults, who contribute to society, the community and the country, making the most of all their skills and abilities, and achieving personal excellence.
  • Holon provides its pupils with the optimum conditions for learning and education: its educational institutions are properly maintained, appropriate and pleasant.

Cleanliness and sustainability

  • Holon creates a clean, well-kept and sustainable urban environment in all its neighborhoods.

Lively city

  • In Holon – municipal institutions, streets and public spaces are places to meet, encouraging outdoor culture and socializing; the city’s residents have access to lively public urban spaces offering abundant varied possibilities to meet their needs, at neighborhood and city-wide levels.
  • Holon takes care of its industrial zone, renews and revives the city center, while retaining its unique character and encouraging the local economy.

Residents, clients and employees at the center

  • Holon puts its residents and clients at the center: the quality of service improves constantly and is focused on the residents’ needs.
  • The Holon Municipality cares for its employees and its managers.
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