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Holon vision Statement

Holon – The Children's City

A Large City alongside Familiarity and Community

Holon, the Children's City, nurtures future generations, familiarity, engagement, and community involvement.
Holon applies the principles of design as a way of life, culture to all, innovation and knowledge-based leadership, multi-disciplinary municipal management shared by the various entities taking part in activities within the city.
Holon places emphasis on the mental and physical wellbeing of its residents, and cares for creating a high quality, aesthetic and green environment for living.
In Holon, public establishments and spaces as well as the streets form a meeting place, encouraging outdoor culture and sociability. Holon forms a metropolitan and national financial hub and promotes the principles of health and sustainability for the benefit of the next generations.

Holon is a home for its residents, nurturing a sense of belonging, community and residents' wellbeing Holon is a home for its residents, nurturing a sense of belonging, community and residents' wellbeing.

Holon is home to all its residents. The city boasts active community life, while encouraging volunteering, mutual responsibility, tolerance, pluralism, a sense of belonging and connection to the heritage of the city. The city focuses on its residents, supplying them solutions and services which meet their needs. Holon cares for the wellbeing and security of its residents and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Cultivating the urban environment and design as a way of lifeCultivating the urban environment and design as a way of life

Holon constitutes an international and innovative hub in the field of design. The city, joining forces with other entities (e.g. Holon Institute of Technology, businessmen) to develop a unique city appearance revolving around citizens' mental and physical wellbeing, while meticulously caring for creating a green, high-quality, aesthetic environment using advanced technological means. Holon develops and enhances the use of public spaces and produces a lively and active urban environment allowing for formal and informal meetings.

EducationEducation – because every child matters

Holon is a unified space of education and learning in which education, culture, enrichment and recreation are geared towards fostering children, transforming them into educated graduates who are enlightened, ethical, contributing to society, community and their nation, adults who fulfil all their abilities, personal and social skills, and achieve personal and educational excellence. Holon's education system leads in its pedagogical preparedness and nurtures a well-designed, aesthetic educational environment, which encourages its students the values of design as a way of life, providing them the optimum conditions for learning and educational processes and promoting the principles of health and sustainability in its institutions.

​​​A Focal Point for Corporations, Entrepreneurs and BusinessesA Focal Point for Corporations, Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Holon fosters opportunities for economic development, encourages business activities and entrepreneurship. Holon is a metropolitan and national financial hub. The city encourages the establishment of entertainment and leisure venues and centers while strengthening its existing advantages. Holon develops its business district, and renews and revives its city center, while maintaining its unique nature and encouraging local economy.

​​Culture and Leisure for AllCulture and Leisure for All

Holon perceives culture as a critical, leading element of its being and the lives of its residents, as well as a main source of attraction for its visitors. Its culture offerings are multidisciplinary, high-quality, innovative and accessible to various age groups, populations, tastes and styles. The city nurtures varied forms of artistic creation for consumers of culture and the arts – at the local, national and international level.

Holon provides services, improving the quality of life​Holon provides services, improving the quality of life

Holon places its residents and customers in the center, providing a professional, efficient, transparent and courteous service. Service quality is constantly improving as a result of improved work procedures and efficient cross-organizational collaboration. The approach, which perceives service providing as a privilege, is instilled in service providers through learning, development, motivation, and supervision.

Holon: The Children's City Holon: The Children's City

Holon prioritizes the quality of life and health of the next generations, providing for the unique and particular needs of infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, young people and their parents. Holon introduces these populations to innovations in science, culture and the arts, while instilling values, sharing processes, and embracing design as a way of life. Holon believes in preserving environmental and natural resources for the benefit of future generations.

​​Holon Municipality Vision: an innovative, entrepreneurial Municipality which nurtures its directors and employeesHolon Municipality Vision: an innovative, entrepreneurial Municipality which nurtures its directors and employees

Holon Municipality develops and nurtures its employees and directors, while continuously improving intra-organizational interfaces. The municipality encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, and is handled according to principles of multi-disciplinary management, encouraging partnerships, knowledge-based decision making and use of technology. The municipality of Holon cares for its employees' safety and health. Human resource is handled fairly, according to all laws, regulations and instructions with sincere care for employees' welfare and dignity, Involving them and encouraging them to function as goodwill ambassadors for the activities held by the city.

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