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The Adloyada - Traditional Purim Parade

​​The Adloyada – the largest Purim parade in the country – takes place every year in Holon and is the climax of communal and organizational activity taking place in the city throughout the year.

Thousands of marchers participate in the parade, which has a different theme every year. The marchers include Holon’s schoolchildren, students in various classes at the city’s community centers and sports and cultural centers; groups of gymnasts, acrobats and jugglers; dance troupes and musical ensembles; street theater groups, and, of course, the enormous colorful floats, which are the most exciting and impressive part of the event. Guests from all over Israel and even from abroad come to march in the Adloyada.

The Ad​​loyada winds its way through Holon’s main streets in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators of all ages. Usually the parade ends with a performance and a colorful and particularly merry street party at the plaza in front of the municipality. From the end of the Adloyada until after Purim, the Adloyada floats remain on display at the Mediatheque Plaza for the enjoyment of passersby.

 The 2018 Purim Parade  

To prepare for the Adloyada, all the relevant personnel at the Holon Municipality and subsidiary companies involved in event planning: culture, entertainment and sports, come together to undertake a long process of deliberation. At the end of the process, the theme for that year’s event is chosen, and the various groups that participate in the parade begin their creative planning, training and rehearsals around the selected theme. Adloyada themes have included: “The Children of the World Make Peace”, Beloved characters from children’s literature and Holon’s Story Parks, Biblical figures, "Easy on the Environment,” reflecting environmental protection and protection of natural resources, “The Adloyada is a Different Opera,” celebrating the Israel Opera’s 60th anniversary and the 70th anniversary of the unification of Holon’s neighborhoods into a single entity and Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Children’s Museum and highlighting tolerance, respect for and acceptance of the other.

 The 2018 Purim Parade  The 2018 Purim Parade

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